Picture of St Mary the Virgin, Gamlingay


(A Registered Charity)


The objects of the Association shall be the preservation repair restoration and improvement of the Church its fabric embellishments and precincts. In furtherance of the forgoing objects The Association shall have the following powers:-

  • To encourage promote and assist the formation and development of a group of Friends of the Church.
  • To assist the Parochial Church Council by monetary grants suitable work projects to maintain the structure of Saint Mary's and to preserve and enhance the interior of the Church and its furnishings and fittings.
  • To apoint representatives and delegates to any other bodies with whom the Association may be concerned.
  • To engage in support and co-ordinate research, publishing, education, and advertising and other work in furtherance of the above object providing that no activities of a permanent nature shall be undertaken by the Association.
  • To take any other lawful action to promote the said objects.

    Membership shall be open to all.


    As experience is gained the committee of the Friends wish obviously to raise funds but they would like to do so much more.

  • Publications: The publication of newsletters has lead to the study of various aspects of the Church - Misericords, gravestones, tombs - wall construction, medieval graffiti, bells, and the list goes on amd information and knowledge deepens. We need an historian.
  • Events: Some events such as the concets and meals have been highly successful where as others such as guided tours have been less so.
  • School interpretation: A world out there to learn about.
  • Needs of the disadvantaged: So much to do with limited funds.
  • Work Parties: dependant on a few devoted people but the money saved is huge. Should do more!
  • Sale of goods: Always there and makes a small but significant sums.

  • A wide circle of Friends
  • Any information from others engaged in this sort of thing. We are only to anxious to swap informatioon

    Philip Gorton
    The Emplins,
    Sandy, BEDS.
    SG19 3ER

    Telephone 01767 650581

    Note from Roderick Starksfield: Philip and Lindy live in a lovely medieval timber framed house that was once the rectory/vicarage associated with our Church. They are very pleased to show people round their home and explain many of the historical features to be found there; frescos, smoke blackend beams etc. You will have the Children's Society Box waved at you as you leave - please be generous!

    They also do a very good Bed & Breakfast!

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