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St George, Hatley St George


Holy Communion
2nd Sunday of the month
Holy Communion
4th Sunday of the month

This charming little church, dedicated to St George, is located in the village of Hatley St George.

The Church is part of the Parish of Gamlingay with Hatley St George and East Hatley. The church building has been redesignated as a `Chapel of Ease', that is it is outside the care of the Diocese, but is available for Sunday Services and is treated as a normal church building. Marriages and other such services may be conducted here, but only by special arrangement.

The church was built in 1352. The tower dates back to 1625. As it stands now, there is only the nave in use, the chancel was rebuilt in 1873-8, but in 1967 the chancel was partitioned off and in 1970 was no longer in use, and removed shortly afterwards.


The tower contains two bells - these have not been rung for many years, and have been lowered from their wheels for safety, but remain in the tower.

1682Tobie NorrisGift of Sir Robert Cotton
1662Tobie NorrisGift of Sir Thomas Cotton
Both these bells bear the shield of arms of Cotton quartered Bruce.

On the walls, at roof level, are hung 28 shields. These are in two groups:
15 shields, roughly square in shape, were painted for Sir Henry St George the elder in 1627.
13 shields, mostly heart shaped, refer to the Cottons and date from various times during the 17th century.

Some items, a brass and war memorial tablet, are from the closed church of St Denis at East Hatley.

This lovely church is maintained largely by the kind contributions of the Asters of Hatley Park.

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