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How to arrange a Baptism

At St Mary's we welcome anyone who is interested in being baptized to come to a service and 'meet the family'; and then to contact the Rector for details about what is involved. Adults will usually need to work through a course of preparation before baptism (also called 'christening'); parents who would like their child baptized can discuss what preparation is necessary when they talk to the Rector or the Baptism visitor.

In certain circumstances it may be possible to arrange baptism for persons not resident in the parish.

For emergency baptism, special arrangements can be made.

Please contact email Tel: 650587

What is Baptism

All children of parents living in the parishes can be baptized into the Church family. If you would like your child baptized (also called ‘christening’) contact the Rector (652181). Baptisms take place during a main Sunday service.

There is no fee for baptism, but we ask you to make a generous donation in thanksgiving for the blessing of baptism

From the Archbishops of Canterbury and York
All baptised and confirmed members of the Church must play their full part in its life and witness. That you fulfil this duty, we call upon you:
To follow the example of Christ in home and daily life, and to bear witness to Him
To be regular in private prayer day by day
To read the Bible carefully
To come to Church every Sunday
To receive the Holy Communion faithfully and regularly
To give personal service to the Church, neighbours, and community
To give money for the work of the parish and diocese and for the work of the Church at home and overseas
To uphold the standards of marriage entrusted by the Christ to His Church
To care that children are brought up to love and serve the Lord

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