Picture of St Mary the Virgin, Gamlingay


Our current Sung Eucharist is based on the Common Worship. Many of our other services are from the BCP.

The churchmanship of St Mary's is moderate Catholic; we aim to be both flexible and inclusive, as befits a village church.

Vestments are worn by the priest. On special occasions and Feast Days the priest will also wear a cope. The Lay Minister, Deacon, Sub-Deacon and Acolytes wear black or white albs.

Lay Participation at the Sung Eucharist

There are currently 62 names on the list of those helping to run our services

Initial Preparation

The duty Sacristan prepares the altar, vessels and vestments.
Sidespersons put up hymn numbers, set out the alms boxes, prepare the hymn books and service sheets. They also set out the priests chair and other furniture.
The congregation are welcomed by the Sidesmen / Churchwardens.

The Service

The following Lay posts are involved:
Lay Eucharistic MinisterActs as a Deacon - introduces prayers and reads Gospel
Chalice BearerActs as a Sub-Deacon, helps with distributing communion
Reader (two)
Reads the OT and NT Lessons
Gradual PsalmSing the verses, the congregation sing the responses
IntercessorIntercessions are composed and read by the Laity

Other duties: Coffee is served after the service - a rota is used for volunteers to prepare and make coffee.
Flower arranging is undertaken on a fortnightly basis.
Church cleaning is done by group of volunteers on a weekly basis.
We have a local residential home, who have residents who attend our services - transport and care during the service is catered for.

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