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Gamlingay Rainbow PlayGroup
Green End,
Tel: 650379, 650520

Welcome to Rainbow Playgroup

Rainbow is first and foremost about FUN and is run from permanent premises within the secure grounds of Gamlingay First School.

RaimbowWe are also pleased to offer a large and enclosed outside play area where we are able to use sand and water play activities. There is also a climbing frame, playhouse and a wide range of ride-on and outdoor toys.

The building is a converted chapel, which itself is light and roomy ideal for a group of young children. The chapel is well organised to include a carpeted area for group activities, floor play and a quiet area which is well equipped with books and the library train, well stocked with books. There is also a vast supply of toys, games and educational toys.

On entering Rainbow you are greeted with colourful displays of the children's paintings and drawings, which is a welcoming sight regardless of age.

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How Rainbow Works

Three staff members who hold Raimbowqualifications in PPA and Diplomas in Preschool Practice run the playgroup. All their methods and standards are fully OFSTED approved.

There is a staff to pupil ratio of 1:5.

The management of playgroup is supervised by a committee of parents, who are responsible for the finances, employment, general support of staff, fund raising and entertainment for the children. We encourage relatives of the children to join our committee and help with the above responsibilities.

The fees charged for the playgroup sessions cover only the staff wages and the rental for the building. All other materials and equipment are paid for from fund raising events, so you can see why it is imperative that these are well supported by all playgroup members.

A qualified first-aider is present at all playgroup sessions and the committee appoints a health and safety officer.

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Parent/Carer Helper

During the summer term it is necessary to have a compulsory Parent/Carer helper due to the increase in numbers of children per session. If numbers increase significantly before the summer term help will be required as and when.

The Parent Carer rota is normally done on a voluntary basis, if however the sessions are not covered fully then a rota will be produced whereby every parent carer will be allocated a maximum of two sessions per term. It is then the responsibility of that parent carer to cover the sessions or swap if the allocated session is unsuitable.

If you have a baby 6 months or under then you can be excluded, if you wish. However, between the ages of 7-23 months we would ask that they do not accompany you when you are helping. If you find this impossible to do, then you can help in other ways, by joining in with the other Mums and Dads who meet at the committee meetings once every couple of months. You might like to help to run a stall at a fund raising event or be on the committee or just sit and help us come up with some ideas - whatever your contribution we are most grateful.

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The Children

Children may join Rainbow Playgroup from the age of 2 years 6 months. Though it is not recommended that they attend more that 2 sessions per week at this young age. Children MUST be out of nappies during the day to attend playgroup.

RaimbowVisits to playgroup, prior to starting, are a great way to introduce your child and these can be arranged with the play leader.

The playgroup is well equipped to cater for children with special educational needs and fosters strong relations with the support agencies, such as the Under 8's Advisor and the Local Health Visitor.

Once enrolled the practice of Rainbow Playgroup is to treat all children as individuals regardless of race, gender or special needs.

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A Typical Day at Rainbow Playgroup

Raimbow 8.55am Arrival and seating time.

9.00am - 10.30am

Registration and morning talk. The children then choose from a wide variety of creative activities which arc set out for their arrival. These include play dough, construction kits, imaginative toys, puzzles and drawings. During this time, small groups of similarly aged children will be withdrawn for more formal, educational activities.

1O.3Oam - 10.45am
The children join in group songs, rhymes, dance and movement, often using musical instruments.
10.45am - 11.OOam
The children enjoy their milk and biscuits in an organised and structured setting.
Free play with a wide variety of sit-and-ride toys, climbing, balance and co-ordination equipment, playhouse, shop and dressing-up clothes. During fine weather many of the above activities take place outside together with the opportunity for the children to tend to the garden.
11.3Oam - 1145am
Story time.

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