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Below are listed some of the pubs in Gamlingay!

Many, like the Crooked Billet, on Fullers hill, were a country Beer House, set up purely a specific function. The Crooked Billet started when the `Navvies' came to the area to build the railway that used to go across country from Cambridge to Oxford (passing Gamlingay on the way).

There are no Hotels in gamlingay. Bed & Breakfast may be obatained at The Emplins

  • The Dolphin (in Dolphin's Way), no visible building now
  • The Rose and Crown (at the cross roads) now a private house
  • The Green Man (the Cinques) now a private house
  • The Falcon, at the Cross (also known as White Hall Farm), now demolished
  • The Blue Ball
  • The Castle
  • The Chequers, Mill Street, now a private house
  • The Plough
  • The Bull (Dutter End) now a private house
  • The Thatch't House
  • The Wheel
  • The Royal Oak, at the corner of Church Street and Stocks Lane
  • The Wheel
  • The Spotted Cow, demolised (1969), was next to the old chapel now used by the Rainbow Playgroup
  • The Kive and Let Live at The Heath
  • The Two Brewers, Mill Hill, Potton Road
    I had this named as the Brewers - thanks to Mike Singleton, who was born there, for putting me right
  • The Sultan, at the Railway Station
  • The Three Horse Shoes, Mill Street, the sign 'Royston Ales' is still painted on the wall
  • The Swan and Grapes
  • The Crooked Billet (Fullers Hill) now a private house
  • Te Ram (potton Road, the Heath) now a private house

There are only two Public Houses still in use today:

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Roderick Starksfield.

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