Lace Making in Gamlingay

There has been a tradition of Lace Mrs Pantermaking in Gamlingay for a great many years. This picture shows Mrs Panter, who made lace commercially. She lived on the Everton Road at Little Heath.

In the 1920's lace was made, not commercially though. but as a hobby.

Today there probably in excess of 20 Lace makers in the village. There is a club, the 'Lacecaps' who meet at the Gamlingay Village College on Thursday evenings. This club is limited to 15 members.

There are a great many types of Lace, Torchon and Honiton are probably the most common.

Lace making in 1928Lace is made by twisting and swaping threads from bobbins, the threads being restricted and positioned by pins inserted into a cushion.

Many bobbins are very decorative, being either made from special woods, or painted/marked with pictures or texts. The ends of the bobbins (for Torchon lace) have a 'spangle' of beads. These provide weight to the bobbin and prevent it from rolling around on the pillow.

The process of lace making looks very complex, with threads and bobbins everywhere! The results are very impressive.

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Roderick Starksfield.