(Gamlingay Church)


The Guild of St Mary aims to provide a Christian environment offering fun and friendship at its monthly meetings.

Committee Members:

Chairman Valerie MilleremailTel: 01767 650779
Secretary Philippa SmallsemailTel: 01767 650628
Treasurer Brenda Elcome Tel: 01767 650489
 Vera Decker 
 Lindy Gorton 
 Helma Watkin 

MEETINGS 2007-2008

2007   Refreshments
September 20th Theatre Outing  
October 15th Hospice at Home - talk by Sonia Banks Lyndsey Bygraves
& Daphne Pearce
November 19th The Voyage of the Mayflower - talk by Jackie Painter Joyce Moss
& Mary Thomas
December 17th Christmas Get-together The Committee
January 21st AGM All Members
February 18th Gravestones in Gamlingay Churchyard - talk by Ishbel Beatie Madeine Marsh
& Penny Turner
March 17th Quaker Testimonies - talk by Mrs Wheatley Gerry Brunt
& Eileen Thorpe
April 21st Pubs and Pub Signs - talk by Judy Flack Norma Hood
& Jean Jackson
May 19th Butterflies - talk by David Elcome Yvonne Hamilton Smith
& Jeanie Hemmings
June 16th Outing to John Bunyan Museum  
July 21st Two Minutes - friendly competition Janet Gale
& Linda Wells
August 18th Garden Party  

An open invitation and a warm welcome to all those who would like to join us. All meetings are on the third Monday of the month and begin at 8.00 pm in the Church Hall, unless stated otherwise. with any comments.