The Parish Church
of St Mary the Virgin,

Cambridgeshire Village

"So Great a Cloud of Witnesses"

A new book published by
the friends of St Mary's

This publication covers the many names associated with the Church of St Mary the Virhin, Gamlingay, together with a cross reference to the name source - grave, dedication etc.

Over 840 names are mentioned. These cover the listed graves, War memorials, graffiti, dedications etc.

Book cover

Copies of the book are available.
Contact Roderick Starksfield about purchasing a copy.
Within the UK the costs are:
£4.50 for the booklet and to cover post and packing.
For overseas postage contact me first.
Cheques only (no cards accepted) to:
R. Starksfield,
29 Green Acres,
SG19 3LR

See also a list of burials in the Churchyard

Abbott Dorothy Culpan D S Hutchinson Donald Porter T. E.
Abbott James Daisley George Hutchinson Poule John
Adams R Dalley John mgersole Heather Prentice Sharon and Mark
Albin Barry Daniels Angela Ingle Joseph Prentice Mark
AUan L DarlowAlber Ingle James Pryor Alice
Allder Brenda Darlow Arthur W Ingle Sarah Pryor Sheila & Gerald
AllderG Darlow David Ive Christine Pryor Sheila Shirley Gerald
Allder Darts Walter Jackson John Pryor Shirley
Alien Darts William Jackson T Pullman J
Amys Thomas Davis Jim Jacob Mary PullmanS
Annis Francis Day W Jacob Sir John Purser Albert
Annis William Henry de Asthill William Jager PuttmanS
Anstee , de Clive Geoffley JaggardR Pye Henry Anthony
ApthorpEast de Hollewell (or Holewell) Thomas Jakes Arthur Pykket William
Apthorp Edward de Neusum John JakesF Raid
Apthorp Francis de Sco Edmunds Will Jakes George WT Rainsford Oscar
Apthorp Isaac Dean Mary Jakes Margaret Rathke Theodore
Apthorpe James Deanc James Jakes Mary Ray Bertram
Apthorpe Mary DeebleA Jakes Peter Rayner Edith
Apthorpe Nicholas Delate Peter Jakes Sara Read T. E.
Apmorpe Rebecca Delate Mary Ann Jarvis Dave Reed Paula
Apthorpe Stephen Dempsey Catherine JarvisDora RessJCA
Apthorp Thomas Deniel Barbara Jarvis Edna Mary Rhee Division and Trefoil Guild
Apthorpe Dew Arthur Jarvis Fed Richardson R
Arnold Annie Dickerson Edward Jarvis Walter Richardson Mr. and Mrs.
Arnold Aquila Dickerson Ernest Jarvis William Ridge Barbara
Arnold Garth Dickerson Joshua Jebb John Riglen K and E
Arnold H Dickerson H Jenings John Ringrow Joanne and Deborah
Arnold H W DixP Jenkins Wife of Robert Ringrow Irene
Arnold Hubert Dobson M Jere?? Grace Robbins F. A.
Arnold Isaac Dobson The family Jermin Elizabeth Roberts Frank
Arnold J Dobson Peter Jennin Francis Robins Mrs. Chris
Arnold Jack DodAllice Jiggler Cyril Robyson William
Arnold Jane DodKatherine Jones Ann Roife Walter
Arnold John Dod Thomas JonesM RolfeNinaB
Arnold M Donahue Jack JudN Roodes Edward
Arnold Mary Donovan June Jude St. RookD
Arnold Martha Ann Draper Lawrence JudgeM Rook Doreen
Arnold N Driscole Juliet M A Rook Dorothy
Arnold P Driscole Beatrice Just Rose A
Arnold Paul Ducker Francis Kent Elizabeth RoseDS
Arnold Rebecca Dunne John Kettee Elizabeth RoseG
Arnold Samuel Earles John KiddJ Rose David
Arnold Sidney Paul Eayre and Smith Kilner Joseph RoseH
Arnold Susannah Woodham Eayrs Randolph Walter King Charles RoseWM
Arnold Thomas Edgar Daniel King Thomas RosenWM
Arnold W Edwards Thomas Kitchen Charlotte RustD
Arnold William Edwards Ernest Harold Kitchen George Sadler Amanda
Arnold William J Ekins Elizabeth Kitchen James Sanders Dad and Sandy
Arnold William U EIcombe Brenda Kitchen John Sandford Janet
Ash Charlotte Ellis James William Phillips Kitchen William Sandford
Ash two infants Ellis Antony R. P. Kitchener Doris Sarll Florence Sarah
Ashwell. Edward Emery Anne Kitchener Family Saril John George Godrey
AsteeA Emery Jane Kitchener Gill Sarll Samuel
Astell Emery Mary Kitchener J S Saril U
Atkins John Emery two children in infancy Kitchener Paul SavageE
Atkinson Thomas Empson C S E Knight Herbert T Savage F M
Ayderope Margaret Empson Christine Lambton Nonna SavageFW
Ayderope Walter Empson WGH Lane Byzantia Savage George K
Bachard Stanley Endersby Dorcas Lane Elizabeth SavageM
Badishawe John Endersby Dorothy Lane Ralph Savage Monty
Baglin Jennifer Eton William Lane Samuel Sawell Alexander
Bailey Ann Fargaharson Graham Lane Parker General Sawell Francis
Bailey Ann and Bill : Ffelys John LarkinA Say Ann
Bailey Bill : Field Jim LarkinC Say Diana
Bailey Jan Cooper and Arm Finch Annie Larkin Charles Say Francis
Baines Joan Finch Thomas Laridn Harold Sclater Charles
BainesJ : Flat Lisa Larkins George Sclater Edward
Baker G Ford George Lathim Sclater Francis
BakerJ Ford Sarah Leach Joyce Sclater Thomas
BakerS Foster Patricia Leader Ernest Setchell James
Baker Sylvia Fowler Arthur Leader Joan SetcheU Elizabeth
Baker Ted and Betty Fowler Joan Leader John SewardJ.S.
Baker The family Fowler John Leche Robert Seward Joyce
Baldwin Henry Fowler Sue Lee Edward Seward G. J.
Banks Albert Stanley Frank Ralph LeeF Shipton John
Barford A Fuller Sue Lee Sig?? L
BarfoidL Fuller W Leonard William Sills H
Barford Lorna FurbyE Leonard Brown Simon Lorraine
Barford R Gale Janet Line Slade William
Barford S Gale Janet and Robin Lines Harry Sly James
Barfaam Archie GaleRandJ Long Helen Smith A
BarhamG Gale The family Long William J Smith Friends of Jack
Baiham Gloria Gamelyn John Longford Edward de J. W. Smith J E
BarhamJ Gamlingay 1st Scout Group Loval Lesley Smith Jack
Barham July Gamer W Lowings Horace Smith Joan
Barbara Shirley Garnet Thomas Lowings Ronald P Smith P
Barker George Charles Gaunt John T Lowndes Richard Smith R C
Barland L Gear Vivian Lucas Susan Spear Leslie
Barnard Thomas Gebon Thomas Lunniss J Spinkes William
BarthorpeH Gedding James Kelly Macklin David Spriggs Frederick
Barton R Gedney Damon Maddox James Spyne William
Barts George John Malin Francis St Sylvester's Church
BathJ George 3 children Mann Sara Stanilage Lanley
Battisford William Gemiethorp Robert Mariot Robert Stanton Philippa
Baxter John Gibbs Charles Mamer John Stanton Susan
Beatty Ishbel GiddingsVivienne Marsh James Star Fred
Bellringers The Gilbert Ada D Marshall John Star Fred
Bird A Gilbert Alan Marshall Henry Staricsfield R and M
Bird Ann Gilbert D Marshall Mary Starksfield Juliet
Bird Harry Gilbert David Marshall Ed ras Starsfield Roderick
Bird William Gilbert Diana Mary Countess Macclcsfield SteeleW
Blad Helen Gilby Cecil Mary's St. Congregation Stockbridge Martha
Boageylan Gille Robert Masse William Stockbridge Peter
Bolton Reg GlasperNeil Maupas Henry Stondon Richard
BoocockJ Glasper Margot and Glenis May Florence and Richard Stoner Veronica
Boocock Susanna Godding James Kelly May Rose Stoyte John
Boote James John Godding Mary Me Call Simon Stratton Emma
Boote-James Mary Ann Godfrey John George Mead Henry Stratton Emma's son
BothamHWatt Godwyn Robert Mead Nicholas Stratton Herbert
Boulton Stephen GordreyMiss Meadstone John Stratton Rachel Alma
Bradshawe John Gore Joan Meadstone Penelope Stratton Samuel
Biaker Eddie GoreE Meadstone William Stratton William
Breakman Clive Gorse Audrey S MeeksMary Streat Richard
Brown D Gorton Muriel Gladys Meeks Thomas G Sutton Thomas
Brown Douglas Goymour Michael Edwin MeanT Sutton John
Brown L Graves Sally Miller Chris Swanell David
Brown L Gray C George Miller John Swanell George
Brown Leonari Gray Christopher Miller Katherine Swanell N
Brown N Gray H George Miller Valeric Sylvester's St
Brown P Gray Heather MilnGB Tarpend Julia
Brown W Gray Irene Minjoodt Justine Taylard Walter
Brown Leonard Gray June Mitchell Leana Taylard Margaret2
Brown Gray Miles Mitchell Lunn Tear George
BniceWage Gray Roy and Irene Moon Cari Tear Sarah
Bunker P and A Gray The family Moore Beryl Tennant Barbara
Bunker Ann and Peter Grey John Thomas Morgan W Thatcher Judith
Bunker Ann Gray MuirheadA Thatcher June Donovan, Pete
Burford Alan Gregory James Munns Robert Thatcher Peter
BurfordS Gresty Alice Naston P Thatcher T and P
Burrows James Grey William Thomas Newbold Jackie Thatcher Judith
Burrows Mary Grey Samuel Newbold Jennifer Clare Thatcher William and Daisy
Burton Philip Griffiths Sam Newbold The family The Cross
Bury Elizabeth Groot Eileen Newman Titmus Ralph
Bury George GroundsG NeytsJean Titams Cynthia
BuryMary Guides 2nd Gamlingay Neyts The family Titmus P
Busby Arthur Gybbyns John Nobes Hilda Todd William
Busby T Hall Dorothy Nobes Susanna Tumough Isaiah
Cade Harry R Hall Dorothy Wills Nobes Edward Arthur Tumough Martha
CadeJ Hall Thomas Norman A Tumough Isaiah
CadeM Hallett Peter TL Norman Alee and Ivy Turpin Arthur Edward
Canderton Robert Hallett L H Norman Frank and Susan Turpin Doris
CareJ Halton William Norman Fred Turpin F. J
Careless A Hamilton Christine Norman Garry Turpin J. S
Caress Harry Hamilton Gillian Norman H Turpin Jean
Caress H Hammond Cally Norman Ivy Turrell Annie
Carter Frank Hardcastle Thomas Norman J Tyndall George
Carter James Hardy Glenis Norman John Tyndall Henry
Carter Rita Hare William Norman M Underwood Benjamin
Carter William Harper H Norman Mark Vidler Joan
Carter Harris William Norman Mathew Vincent Charlie
Cartwright Byzantia Harris Fanny Oataan Wade Carol
Cartwright Charles Harris Abraham Offi-el Ann Wade Elizabeth
Cartwright Cuthbert Harris Moses Of&el Diana Wago and Mungo
Cartwright William Harris Arnold Offi-el James Wagstaff Bridget
Cerboness Harris A Offi-el John WagstafFThomas
Cen-enC Hatley g OfErelMary WaleW
Chapell Alice HawkinsI Oliver Thomas Walker Josiah
Chapell William Hawkins Martha Orcheston Jane WaUisDBP
Chaple D Hawkins William Orford G Warboys Ken
Chase Stephen Henry Hay George Orlebar Air Vice Marshal Ward John
Cheus?e? Hay Stuart Ortebar Augustus Sobell WardJ
Chiken John Hayes Frank Orlebar Dorothy Warden Church
Clarke S HayesV OriebarAHenry Warwick Thomas
ClaAe Heathcote Henry OsbomWill Waters Ruben
Clarkins Heckford Emma Maria Overall Henry Watkins John
Claverynge John Heckford Mary Elizabeth Page Henry Watson Rainsford
Clews Bernard H Heg Page Ken Watson J.S.
Coates Francis Mary Hemmings S and J Pain Mary Watson Judith
Cole Alan J. Hepworth Elizabeth Paine David Watson T and J
Cole William Hepworth Robert Paine Herbert Watson The family
Coley John' Hepworth William Thomas PantherJ Watson Tim and Judy
Collier Thomas Hethest A E Parsons Ann Watts B
Compston Professor HethestH Parsons Anne Watts C A
Compton John Combe Hibbett Dick Parsons Christopher Watts Donna
Conderton V Hibbitt Frank Parsons Hannah Watts K
Connsannate Nicholas HiggsGritBn Parsons John Watts P
ConrayL Hill Evelyn Parsons Mary Webb Albert
Conseyt Nicholas Hill William Parsons Susanna WebbJohn
Cook A Hinton Bertram Parsons William Wentworth Richard
CookF Hinton Christine PattmanJ Whale Joseph Henry
CookH Hirst Dr Pattman S R Whitbread Arthur
CookL HissettAdam Pavitt Charles Whitbread George
CookP Hisaett Alee and Rosaline Pavitt Coral Whitbread John
Cook Percy Hissett Rosaline Pavitt Coral and Michael Whitbread Susanna
CookW Hissitt The family Pavitt Janet Whitbread William
Cooper Dennis Hodge Walter Pavitt Michael Whitechapel Foundary
Cooper Elizabeth Hodges Betty Peacock Edna Dora Whittel John
Cooper F Hodges Elizabeth Peak Elizabeth Wilkin John
Cooper Frank Hodges Frank Peak John Williamson John
Cooper James Harvey Hodges Patricia Pearce Daphne Williamson Martha
Cooper Jan Hoe?? Doreen Pearce Louise F Williamson wife of Amos
Cooper Jane Holder John Pearce S and D Williamson William
Cooper Janice Homan Reginald Pearce Stuart Wilson Thomas and Phyllis
Cooper Martha Houghton C Pearce Virginia Wilth??
Cooper Mary Houghton P Pearce Virginia Rosemary Windsor Dixie
Cooper Martha Ann Housden B PedleyG Windsor Dorothy
Cooper Sarah HousdenC Pegg William Windsor Thomas Lord
Cooper Susanna Woodham Housden E Pell Henry WityT
Cooper William Housden Linda Peters A Wood Frances
Couch William HoweAlfied Peyton Edward Wood James
Cowper Richard Howe Frank Phillips Thomas Woodward John
Cox F Howe William Philip J Worlich John
Cox G Huckle Thomas PhilpotJ Wright William
Cox I Huggin W Pledger Geoffrey Wright Ann
Cox Shirley Huggins Albert Pledgers Wright Carol
Crane Winent W Hughes Walter Plempton John Wright George
Cross John Hull Mark Polyt Walter Wright John
Crow Betty Humphries Gina PooleA WymanJane
Croxon Hunter H Poole Alyian Young Betty
Cruch Hurst Miss C L Porter T.G.Y. Young Letticia
      Young Lydia
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