Brother Antony

Vision '98

Led byThe Brothers :

Brothers Angelo
Martin Philip
and Christopher.

They are here to help us examine our relationship with God - to reveal the joy of living the Christian life and sharing in the new life which Christ ofers

Canon Alan Cole

It is part of a campaign of the Church. People hear all the secular stuff but it actually is 2000 years since the birth of Christ.

Brother Angelo

The mission started on Sunday 14th June, when Bishop John came to institute the friars at our main Parish Communion Service. The Church was full, with several visitors from our linked parish of Everton and some members of the Baptist Church also present.

This was the start of a very busy week!

The Friars visted as many places as they could:

  • The local Schools
    • Gamlingay First School
    • Gamlingay Village College
    • Playgroups
  • The Pubs
  • Local Businesses

There were house groups most evenings, where we explored various aspects of our spiritual life.

The week ended on Sunday 21st, when the Friars handed the parish back to Canon Alan Cole.

We must express our thanks to all the people who helped with this Mission, providing Bed and Breakfast, Midday and Evening meals, transport and providing hospitality for the house groups. The Schools and local industry must also be thanked for their welcome to the Brothers on their visits.

A very successful week, preparing us spiritually for the millenium.

'Friar Anthony' was created by Antony Outhwaite, SFO, and is used with permission. His permanent address is St Joseph's Fraternity

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Roderick Starksfield.

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