The organ


The organ in the church dates from 1886. Whilst of moderate size, the organ has several stops of outstanding quality. The choice when it was purchased having been for quality rather than quantity.

The case is of oak and predates the organ, indicating that an earlier screen was built into the case work. All the metal pipes are of `Spotted metal', an expensive metal for those times.

The organ was built by Hill and Son, who started as Elliot and Hill in the mid 1820s, became Hill and Co in 1846 and Hill and Son in 1857.

The organ one manual and pedal organ with the following stops.

Open Diapason8 feet
Dulcima8 feet
Gedact8 feet
Principal 4 feet
Wald Flute4 feet
Twelfth3 feet
Fifteenth2 feet
Gamba8 feet
Bourdon16 feet
Pedal to manual coupler

The Gamba has been a substitution, as the slide was originally pierced for a trumpet. A trumpet of this period of Hill's work has been obtained and is awaiting the funds to put it in.

The instrument was clearly a `trade' organ, as the firm made many to this specification at the time, and it is also easy to see how it was developed into a two manual instrument for churches needing a more sophisticated organ.

Roger Henthorne

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